Terms and Conditions

1. Delivery & Collections.

We will contact the phone number provided before we make a delivery for directions and to ensure that the booking is still valid. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the number provided is reachable at all times. If we cannot contact you we may not be able to deliver your inflatable or an extra charge may be payable if we have to return to your area to make your delivery. Returning to your area is not always possible and may result in your booking being cancelled. In this case you will still be liable to pay the full hire fee.

We do require an adult to be present at time of delivery and to have access to a power source and to sign a ​hire agreement. Please note that inflatables will not be dropped under any circumstances if there is no adult present. If we cannot deliver the inflatable due to no adult being present, we may have to leave and the hirer is liable for the full hire fee. Delivery and collection times vary depending on the time of the year. All our deliveries take place between 7am and 12noon on your booking date. In some cases during busy periods your inflatable may be dropped the day before your booking or collected on the day after your booking. However this is not a guarantee but we do require to be able to do this if necessary. This includes being able to contact you on the numbers provided before deliver, been able to obtain directions and for an adult to be present at the delivery address whilst the delivery is taking place.

Deliveries on the the day before your booking will take place between 9am and 9pm. If you are not contactable for any period during the Day before your delivery or the day of your delivery please contact us and advise us of this, in this case we will need you to provide us with a contact number of someone we can contact on your behalf to arrange delivery. From March - August our collections don’t begin until 7.30pm on the day of your booking. Collections are done in rotation so the first person to be delivered on that date will be collected first so that all our customers receive the same amount of time. In some cases where we can, we leave the inflatables until the day after your booking to collect. If for any reason you do not wish for this to happen please advise us in advance. If you require your inflatables outside these hours please contact us with you request and we can try and accommodate you where possible. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at all times.


2. Access

We require adequate access to and from the area where you would like you’re inflatable to be installed. Inflatables can be large in size when rolled up so all pathways must be clear of children’s toys and other obstructions such as cars, wheelie bins etc. We do require a pathway with a minimum width of 4ft (1.2m) for access. If this is not possible please contact us. If there is an obstruction where we are unable to gain access to deliver or collect the inflatable an extra charge may be payable in the event that we have to wait for the obstruction to be moved or have to return at a different time to gain access. If it is not possible to make the delivery due to the lack of access you will be liable to pay the hire fee in full.

We also require you to provide adequate access to the area in which you require the inflatable to be installed. Elevated or lowered areas where a number of steps or ramp are required to be used must be notified to us at the time of booking as one of our staff may have to make a pre-delivery visit to ensure that instillation is possible. PLEASE ALSO ENSURE THAT ALL VEHICLES THAT OBSTRUCT THE ACCESS ROUTE ARE MOVED PRIOR TO DELIVERY AND COLLECTION AND THAT ANY GATES THAT REQUIRE TO BE OPEN ARE UNLOCKED.


3. Area of installation

The area in which you require the inflatable to be installed must be free of all obstructions such as children’s toys, Trampolines and garden swings. The area must also be a grass area so the inflatables can be anchored to the ground safety. There must be adequate space for the size of the inflatable and also 2 meters extra right around the inflatable for safety purposes. We also request that grass be of standard height (less than 6inches) and FREE FROM ANY ANIMAL WASTE.

If you are unsure of the size you require please contact us and we can give you the measurements you require. The area must be flat with no more than a 5 degrees slope in any direction. A member of our staff can call previous to the delivery to ensure that the area is sufficient for your inflatable if you are unsure if the area is suitable. Part of the equipment we use are ground stakes that we need to hammer into the grass area to secure the inflatable. These ground stakes are 15" long.

It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that there the area of installation is free from any pipes or underground services. In the event of one of our ground stakes coming into contact with any services we will not be liable for any costs involved in repairs or any damages to persons. We can also only install the inflatable on your own private ground or an area in which you have permission to use. We cannot install any inflatables for general private hire in public areas like green areas in housing estates.


4. Safety and security of equipment

Once the delivery has taken place the hirer is solely responsible for the safety of all the equipment provided. If the equipment is damaged in anyway or stolen whilst on their property the hirer is responsible for all repair or replacement costs of all parts of the equipment provided.


5. Use of inflatables

Once the equipment is installed the hirer is responsible for the safe use of persons using the inflatable. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that such inflatable is used as intended and that all safety instructions provided both on signed ​hire agreement and on safety labels provided on each inflatable are followed at all times. Adult supervision is required at times. Each inflatable has a Maximum number of children permitted to use it at one time and this can be seen on the safety label provided on the inflatable. The maximum height of persons able to use such inflatable will also be provided on this label. Under no circumstances are adults permitted to use inflatables.


6. Clean Inflatables

Under no circumstance should water or any other substance be used on inflatables. All Inflatables must be in the same, clean condition upon collection as they were when delivered. An extra charge of €50 will be payable if the inflatables are soiled and are not in the same condition as they were when delivered. Sweets and any other form of food and drink are not permitted on the inflatable as some colorants in food substances can stain the material.

Party Poppers, Silly String and confetti are also not permitted on or near the equipment as they also leave permanent staining damage to the equipment. If this occurs you will be liable to pay for any Repairs, Alterations or replacements to the equipment to return them to their original condition.


7. Deposits & Cancellations

Deposits on all bookings are non refundable. Deposits cannot be used for alternative dates. If you place a booking and pay a deposit, the deposit can only be used on that day. If you placed a booking and paid a deposit on a certain item but would like to change that Item we can change the item for you providing that the alternative item you would like is available.

Deposits are 30% of the overall value rounded to the nearest €5 and the balance is then due on delivery via either cash or card. Please note that delivery will not be made unless balance is paid in full upon delivery. Unfortunately we no longer accept cheque's.

If you require to cancel your booking you will automatically forfeit your booking deposit. During busy periods (MAY), if you cancel your booking you must give at least 24 hours notice. Last minute cancellations will be charged at full hire fee. We allow cancellations 24hrs or more before your booking due to bad weather. In this case will will hold your booking deposit up until the 31st of August where you can use it off your next hire. This is only possible if the weather is forecast as very poor and we must be in agreement that it is sufficient cause for cancellation.

If you have multiple products booked and then decide to go with a lesser amount you will loose your booking deposit for the products cancelled. All alterations to bookings must be placed 1 week before your booking date and cannot be changed thereafter.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

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We may retain contact details in the case of persons who choose to contact us, but this is primarily so that we may respond to that contact as required. In addition, we may also at a point in the future use contact details to distribute news or special offer details related to the Athlone Adventure Centre, Jump 4 Joy Hire Services or BK Leisure group of companies.

We will not sell or, exchange or otherwise pass contact details to a third party outside of this group.

If you have any concerns in relation to these matters of privacy, please contact us directly and we will be happy to address your concerns.

Please Note: Delivery charges may apply to some areas. Prices quoted are for single and two consecutive days.
A 'day' as referenced in this case does not constitute a 24hr period. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

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